Volunteer with ITE Canada

Volunteers are the foundation of ITE Canada. From formal roles spanning several years to behind-the-scenes contributions requiring only a few hours, there are many ways for members to get involved with ITE Canada! Check out this feature highlighting some of these opportunities and hear from volunteers about how they have benefitted: ITE Canada Volunteer Opportunities.

Over the years, I have met and worked with some incredibly dedicated and talented people who have made a profound difference in my life. So if any of you are considering a volunteer position … don’t hesitate. The benefits in terms of your personal growth and development are exceptional, and more importantly, the opportunity to make a significant contribution to your profession is almost unlimited.”

David B. Richardson, P.Eng. (F), 2006 Recipient of the H. Robert Burton Distinguished Service Award

Want to get involved?

Email president@itecanada.org and tell us about your experience and interests.