Student Paper Competition Award

Each year, ITE Canada offers a Student Paper Award to students in accredited transportation programs at Canadian universities and colleges. The purpose of the Student Paper Award is to encourage students to develop their technical writing skills, and to provide a means for the Institute to recognize outstanding accomplishments in such activities. This award is based on the technical merit and writing ability demonstrated in the paper.  Please note the following:


  • Must address a transportation topic
  • Must be authored by one student author; advisors can be listed but CANNOT be co-authors
  • Paper must be submitted in English
  • A PDF document in 11 pt. type, with a maximum of 3,000 words
  • Paper must include a title page showing, title, author’s name, address, telephone number and date, and a table of contents

Stantec provides an annual award of $1,500 (CDN) comprised of a $500 honorarium. The winner will also receive free registration to the annual conference (in the year of award), reimbursement of travel expenses (up to $1000 if recipient resides outside of conference region, up to $100 if recipient resides within conference region), recognition at the Annual Awards Luncheon, and the paper will also be published online (see names linked below).

The winning paper is also entered into the competition for the ITE International Daniel B. Fambro Student Paper Award where the winner receives up to $1,000 (U.S.) to reimburse expenses to attend the ITE International Conference where they will be presented the award.

Applicants for the Student Paper Award must be members of ITE, and have completed the work that provides the basis for the paper while a student member of ITE. The student must also be the sole author.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Originality (20 points) – To what degree does the subject matter and conclusions treat new ideas or call for significant departure from the present state of the art? How imaginative and original was the approach? How extensive were the qualities of inventiveness and ingenuity used?
  • Significance (20 points) – To what extent is the paper a major contribution to transportation engineering?
  • Scope and Format (20 points) – To what degree is the paper complete in relation to its stated purpose? Is the paper well organized? Is the paper concise?
  • Validity (20 points) – How sound are the approach techniques, data used, and the reasoning applied?
  • Applicability (20 points) – To what degree can the conclusions reached in the paper be applied in a practical manner towards solving transportation engineering problems?

Application deadline is March 1st.

Application Open Fall of 2023

Questions? Please contact us.

Past recipients:

2022 – Mingjian Wu , University of Alberta
2021 – Mingjian Wu , University of Alberta
2020 – Anastasia Soukov, McMaster University
2019 – Not awarded
2018 – Ahmed Osama Amer, University of British Columbia
2017 – Caleb Olfert, University of Manitoba
2016 – Caitlin Sowers
2015 – James Lamers
2014 – Md (Monir) Moniruzzaman
2013 – Erin Toop
2012 – Amir Ghods
2011 – David Duong
2010 – Feng Wei
2009 – Trevor Hanson, English competition
2009 – Louiselle Sioui, French competition
2008 – Maury Steindel
2007 – Jonathan Lewis
2006 – Bjorn Radstrom
2005 – Tyler Golly
2004 – Eugene Chen
2003 – Vikki Ngan
2002 –
2001 – No Submissions
2000 –
1999 –
1998 –
1997 –
1996 –
1995 –
1994 –
1993 – Gene Chartier
1992 –