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Since the recent re-launch in 2011, Carleton University’s CITE Student Chapter has worked readily to recruit and inform undergraduate and graduate civil engineering students about the profession of transportation engineering and the diverse range of job opportunities that can be pursued as future careers. With the support of Carleton’s civil engineering department, the student chapter has continuously worked to build a positive relationship between private industry partners and with the local parent organization, the National Capital Region. By connecting students with transportation professionals, the chapter is able to build a positive working relationship that can develop into future prospects. The main focus of the chapter for the upcoming academic year is to organize different events to increase membership of the student chapter as well as to bring like-minded students interested in transportation engineering together to present opportunities that await them in the future.

“Building Positive Relationships”

General Information

Year Founded:Re-launched in 2011
Section:National Capital Region
Latest Annual Report:

Current Executive

President:Dena Al-Rubaye
Vice President:Mehran Ali Mirza (Undergraduate Affairs)
Houssam Siyoufi (Graduate Affairs)
Secretary:Laura Onyekachi Weli
Treasurer:Abdul Basith Siddiqui
Media Director:Dina Morcos and Amal Bennoude
Public Relations Officer:Pavi Kabilan
Graduate Student Representative:Priyanka Vuyyala
General Executive Member:Rulla Al-Haidari
Chapter Advisor:Dr. Adam Weiss, Ph.D.