13976378039_305a9b9967_oA Career in Transportation – Be in Demand!

Do you want to:

  • Solve real-world problems…both big & small…using state of the art technology?
  • Work with a variety of professionals, government leaders, engineers, planners, architects, land developers, lawyers and others?
  • Be involved with your community?
  • Focus on people, as well as technology?
  • Help reduce the environmental impact of transportation?

Then you should consider a career in transportation. It’s a vital, growing profession with excellent career growth potential and exciting opportunities! As a transportation engineer, planner or technologist, you will be in great demand to plan, design, operate and manage transportation facilities while working on a wide variety of projects, such as:

  • Planning, designing and operating systems for highways, airports, railroads and public transit;
  • Developing and implementing projects to relieve traffic congestion, such as bus/carpool/bicycle lanes on roadways;
  • Preparing traffic impact studies for new developments, and determining transportation improvements to mitigate the additional traffic;
  • Investigating and minimizing the effects of new transportation projects on traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, and sensitive natural environments;
  • Improving motorist safety by conducting studies and implementing actions aimed at reducing the number of collisions and deaths on our highways;
  • Designing and operating systems that advise others where traffic jams have occurred;
  • Managing existing infrastructure.

Prospective Employment

The majority of transportation engineers, planners and technologists are employed in the private sector as transportation consultants or work for municipal, regional, provincial or federal public agencies. Others are engaged in teaching and research at colleges and universities.

Job opportunities exist both in Canada and internationally and are often advertised through publications such as the ITE Journal, and this website. Also, most colleges and universities have job placement programs to help their graduating students find employment.