Career Connect Participation

To join as one of the six participants in a Career Connect session, please review these instructions:

  • Email Kate Whitfield and indicate if you are: (a) job seeker; or (b) person with a transportation planning/engineering job in Canada at this time. 
    • Also indicate general field of interest 
    • Limited to people living in Canada at the time of this initiative 
    • Limited to ITE members 
  • There will be an effort to find the right specialty and geographic combination for each call while also trying to respect the general order to names received. You will be contacted with a potential time/date and further instructions
  • Make sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile

General Instructions for the 2 Minute Talk

  • This applies to both the job seeker and person currently employed
  • You will prepare a 2 min talk about something that is of interest to you in our field
  • Ideas include: a project that you did in school; a project that you did through a job; a transportation issue in your community; a transportation issue in the community/country that you lived and worked in previously
  • There will not be an option for slides  
  • The talk does not need to be highly technical in nature. Use the opportunity to introduce yourself and your topic. You do not need to summary your resume or back things up with academic research. You do want to try and pick something that represents your interests in the field 

Format of the Event

  • The event will be recorded, edited and posted to the ITE Canada YouTube channel. All six people will be featured in ITE Canada social media when the recording is posted
  • For each episode, Kate Whitfield from Alta Planning and Design will be the host. She will introduce each episode and the six participants  
  • Each person will give a 2 minute talk. Afterwards, Kate will facilitate a group discussion
  • Tip covering a career-seeking topic of the day will be discussed by all
  • Participants’ personal or work email addresses will not be posted but we will help make it clear who participated during and after the event. People will be encouraged to connect through LinkedIn