Edward Soldo will become the new president of CITE with Julia Salvini, CITE Secretary-Treasurer, assuming the Vice-President roll by acclamation after nominations closed for the 2017 Executive Committee elections. Three nominations were received for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. As a result, an election will be held between April 10 and May 10, 2017. The nominees are:

Nabil GHARIANI, P.Eng., PTOE, M.S.C.E.
President and CEO, Traffic+ Engineering Ltd.
Toronto Section

Pedram IZADPANAH, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Partner, CIMA+
Hamilton Section

Director, Transportation Planning, The City of Calgary
Southern Alberta Section

You can view short bios of each of the candidates here: itecanada.org/election

Ballots will be emailed to all eligible voting members on April 10th with voting closing on May 10th.

Edward Soldo Next CITE President