The ITE Toronto Executive consists of six elected positions and one non-voting appointed position that are primarily tasked with organizing the Section’s events, and managing membership communication and outreach. The purpose and mission of ITE Toronto is to enable transportation and traffic engineers, transportation planners, technologists and other professionals with knowledge and competence in transportation and traffic engineering to contribute individually and collectively towards meeting needs for mobility and safety within the Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, Thunder Bay and other communities within our Section and beyond.

*the Director is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee that represents the ITE Toronto Section on the board of ITE Canada

Committees and Chairs

The ITE Toronto Executive appoints members to various Committee roles to assist in delivering services to our members. The ITE Toronto Committee structure was significantly updated in late 2022 as part of the Executive’s review and subsequent restructuring of the Executive Board and Committee structure.

If you are interested in participating in a ITE Toronto Section Committee, please reach out to either the Executive or a Committee Chair and provide a brief summary of your skillset and your area(s) of interest. For example, experience in event planning or as part of a Student Chapter Executive would be suitable for the Activities Committee and experience in visual design, social media, and email marketing would be suitable for the Communications Committee.

In addition to the below committees, a Membership & Engagement Committee is planned for 2025. It should also be noted that the ITE Toronto Section President is considered an ex officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee, as per Bylaw section 6.3.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is focused on delivering engaging activities for the ITE Toronto Section membership. This committee replaces the previous executive role of Activities Coordinator. Activities the ITE Toronto Section facilitates includes webinars, in-person lectures, luncheons, tours, workshops, and networking events. Committee roles are as follows:

In addition to the Director roles, the Activities Committee is targeting a minimum of three general committee members to assist in event planning. Future additional committee roles, targeted for 2024, include a Professional Development Hours Coordinator and a YPT Liaison.

The Activities Committee Chair can be contacted at

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is focused on the various annual and one-off awards the ITE Toronto Section gives out annually, as well as coordinating/supporting submissions for relevant CITE and ITE awards. Committee roles are as follows:

For more details on the ‘Project of the Year Award’ or the ‘Innovation of the Year Award’, visit our Awards page. The Project of the Year Award Subcommittee Chair will put out an annual call in the later months of the year for subcommittee members to judge the submissions received.

Future additional committee roles, targeted for 2025, include an External Awards Director and a Scholarships Director.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is focused on the various means of communication between the ITE Toronto Executive and its members. This committee currently supplements the role of Communications Coordinator and will replace it in late 2023. Until the Communications Coordinator role is phased out, it will also hold the role of the Communications Committee Chair. Committee roles are as follows:

The Communications Committee Chair can be contacted at

Student Engagement Committee

The Student Engagement Committee is focused on engaging the various student members within the ITE Toronto Section membership, as well as liaising with the ITE Student Chapters within the geographic boundaries of the Section. Each Student Chapter is represented by up to two Liaisons as selected by the Student Chapter Executive. Committee roles are as follows:

Future additional committee roles, targeted for 2025, include a STEM and K-12 Outreach Director.

The Student Engagement Committee Chair can be contacted at

Nominations Committee

The role of the Nominations Committee is currently being reviewed in advance of the November 2024 ITE Toronto Executive Election. The Committee is, by default, chaired by the ITE Toronto Section Immediate Past President. Membership in the Committee is limited to ITE Toronto past Presidents appointed by the current ITE Toronto President.

Tellers Committee

The role of the Tellers Committee is to oversee ITE Toronto Section elections. The Tellers Committee is not currently active.

Past Presidents

Take a walk back in time and see all of the ITE Toronto Past Presidents which helped grow the section to what it is today! If you would like to help contribute content (old photos preferred) to this page, please contact us as or message us on social media.

  • 1974    ITE Toronto Founded
  • 1975/76           Paul R. Hill
  • 1977/78           Leonard Rach
  • 1979/80           David C. Kaufman
  • 1981/82           Imants Hausmanis
  • 1983/84           David B. Richardson
  • 1985/86           W. Les Kelman
  • 1987    Rob Wanless
  • 1988    John A. McGill
  • 1989    Robert W. McBride
  • 1990    Joseph A. Bucik
  • 1991    Derek Sims
  • 1992    Jim Gough
  • 1993    Peter Noehammer
  • 1994    Claudio Covelli
  • 1995    Samir El-Hage
  • 1996    Joanna Kervin
  • 1997    Diana Erickson
  • 1998    Gene Chartier
  • 1999    Ron Stewart
  • 2000    Arun Davis
  • 2001    Cathy Robertson
  • 2002    Brian Hollingworth
  • 2003    Martin Maguire
  • 2004    Gregg Loane
  • 2005    Russell Brownlee
  • 2006    Steve Kemp
  • 2007    Adrienne Long
  • 2008    Tim Lawson
  • 2009    Julia Salvini
  • 2010    David Argue
  • 2011    Rahul Mehra
  • 2012    Mark Jamieson
  • 2013    Nixon Chan
  • 2014    Mehemed Delibasic
  • 2015    Matthew Davis
  • 2016    Angela Gibson
  • 2017    Sean Nix
  • 2018    Farhad Shahla
  • 2019    Amy Jiang
  • 2020    Kelsey Waugh
  • 2021    Jason Dahl
  • 2022    Behzad Rouhieh
  • 2023    Erik Nevland