Next-Generation Transportation Certificate

Simon Fraser University offers a mid-career professional development program called the Next-Generation Transportation Certificate. It’s comprised of four online courses that are ideal for planners and engineers, and features great speakers and moderators.

In the past few months, CITE has partnered with SFU to promote transportation webinars which were well attended by our members.

SFU is offering a $400 discount for CITE members for the first course in the Next-Generation Transportation Certificate program called NGTC101 Next-Generation Cities and Transportation. It’s a 12 week course, offered online, that starts September 26. It has a flexible schedule to accommodate those who work full-time. Course tuition is normally $1375.

To take advantage of the discount, follow the course link to register and use promo code SFUpartner to receive your discount. Discount is valid up to August 26th only.

SFU Next-Generation Transportation Certificate Discount