Here’s what you can look forward to in this issue:

Lessons from the Past: Proactive Planning for Automated Vehicles
How can we learn from the unintended consequences of the automobile and make the most of AVs to support community livability?

Learn about how municipalities across Canada are planning for AVs.

2017 CITE Election Results – find out who was elected to your Executive

excite Cities of Tomorrow Conference – get the scoop on CITE’s first youth summit

My Favourite… Transportation Promise of the Future – meet six youth summit participants and hear about what they’re looking forward to in our cities of tomorrow

TAC Tidbits – get updates from your CITE Appointees on the latest happening with their TAC committees

Machine Learning & Designing for the Edge – learn about research that considers how AVs can enable or weaken social equity

And much more!

Transportation Talk – Summer 2017 Edition