2015 Regina Compendium

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This package contains most of the session papers and presentations from the 2015 CITE Regina conference. Very large presentations have not been included. See "CITE2015_Program_at_a_Glance" for a list of sessions and their corresponding numbers or zoom-in using the preview image above.

Session 1A-01: Development of Safety Performance Functions for High speed Roadways of SaskatchewanDownload
Session 1A-01: PowerpointDownload
Session 1A-02: Narrower Lanes, Safer StreetsDownload
Session 1A-02: PowerpointDownload
Session 1B-01: Transportation Corridor Study Review ProjectDownload
Session 1B-02: Implementing The City of Calgary’s New Transportation Corridor Engagement Strategy: The McKnight Boulevard CaseDownload
Session 1B-03: Using Road Character to Educate, Engage, Empower - The Download
Session 1C-02: Quick Analysis Technique to Estimate GHG Emissions Based on the Built Form and Street Grid ConnectivityDownload
Session 2A-02: Winnipeg’s Experience with the P3 Procurement ProcessDownload
Session 2B-01: Edmonton Household Travel Survey Pilot: Outcomes and Lessons LearnedDownload
Session 2B-02: RAPID Travel Demand Modeling Frameworks for Smaller MunicipalitiesDownload
Session 2B-03: Best Practices in Transportation Master PlanningDownload
Session 2C-01: Should You Build a Condo with No Parking?: A Feasibility Study Download
Session 2C-02: Implementing Speed Cushions on Neighbourhood Collector StreetsDownload
Session 2C-03: Traffic Control, Traffic Management, and Disruption Management during Road ConstructionDownload
Session 3A-01: A Tale of Three Cities: Downtown Cycle TracksDownload
Session 3B-01: Arterial Road Lane Closure Impacts and Cost EstimationDownload
Session 3B-02: Fire Department Equipment Allocation for Emergency Response: City of Saskatoon Case StudyDownload
Session 3B-03: Seasonality and Active Saskatoon Kids: Understanding Active Living in an Urban EnvironmentDownload
Session 3C-01: Performance Evaluation of Non-Intrusive Methods for Traffic Data CollectionDownload
Session 3C-02: Implementations of Project Management Approaches on Toronto Traffic Operation Centre Renovation ProjectsDownload
Session 3C-02: PowerpointDownload
Session 3C-03: The Road to the Future: Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure ITS Technical Strategy Download
Session 4A-01: Building upon Strathcona County’s Integrated Transportation Master Plan for a Healthy, Vibrant and Sustainable CommunityDownload
Session 4A-03: ReThinking Mobility in the City of LondonDownload
Session 4B-01: Region of Durham Traffic Management Guidelines for HamletsDownload
Session 4B-02: Using Bluetooth Technology to Conduct Origin Destination SurveysDownload
Session 4B-02: Carritek: An Extensible CVO Platform for Canada's Trade CorridorsDownload
Session 4C-01: Future Directions for Intersection Capacity Analysis in CanadaDownload
Session 5A-01: Efficient transportation networks: A Multi Modal PerspectiveDownload
Session 5A-02: Edmonton Downtown Transportation Planning of an Integrated and Vibrant Downtown CommunityDownload
Session 5B-01: Installing Temporary Traffic Signals at a Rural Highway Intersection as an Interim ConditionDownload
Session 5B-02: Scats Ramp Signalling - Safety & Operational Outcomes in Auckland NZDownload
Session 5B-03: Is Your Jurisdiction Prepared for New At-grade Railway Crossing RegulationsDownload
Session 5C-01: Road Test Pass Rates and New Drivers’ At-Fault Collision IncidentsDownload
Session 5C-02: The Long-Term Effects and Safety Benefit Functions for Saskatchewan’s Graduated Driver Licensing ProgramDownload
Session 5C-03: Development of a Warrant Procedure and Implementation of Passing Lanes on Two Saskatchewan Highways Download
Session 6B-01: Waverley West Arterial Roads Project IIIDownload
Session 6B-02: Regina Bypass Project: Traffic Forecast PreparationDownload
Session 6C-01: Impaired Driving Enforcement Programs: Evaluating the Effect Alcohol-Related Casualty Collisions in Saskatchewan Download
Session 6C-02: Google Glass In-Service Road Safety Pilot Project Download
Session 6C-03: GIS Based Traffic Safety Analysis for Identification of High Collision Locations in The City of Regina Road Network Download
Session7B-02: Incorporating Pedestrian Level of Service into Traffic Analysis for Improved Decision MakingDownload
Session7B-03: Regina City Square Plaza: Executing a Plan for Shared SpaceDownload
Session7C-01: Dynamic Region over 25 Years – analyzing population and employment trends in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton AreaDownload
Session7C-02: Transportation Demand Management: Past, Present and FutureDownload
Session7C-03: Implementation of Cycle Tracks along Churchill AvenueDownload
Session 8A-01: Calibration and validation of micro-simulation modelsDownload
Session 8A-02: Model Calibration for Traffic Streams with Motorcycles Download
Session 8B-01: Traffic Analysis of Oversaturated IntersectionsDownload
Session 8B-02: Toronto's Signal Optimization ProgramDownload
Session 8B-02: PowerpointDownload
Session 9A-01: Highway 401 / Holt Road Interchange – Roundabout Solution and Microsimulation AssessmentDownload
Session 9A-02: Assessing the Effectiveness of the Fused GridDownload
Session 9B-01: Highway 2 Transit Priority Measures Class Environmental Assessment Macrosopic and Microscopic ModellingDownload
Session 9B-01: PowerpointDownload
Session 9B-01: TransitLive System for City of ReginaDownload

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