Canadian Traffic Signals Report Card (2008)

Canadian Traffic Signals Report Card (2008)

This document intends to focus attention on the operation and maintenance of traffic signal systems—an activity that can produce on of the highest benefit-cost ratios for improvement to the highway transportation system. The purpose of the 2008 Canadian National Traffic Signal Report Card is to:

  • assess the current state of traffic signal management and operation;
  • identify deficiencies in traffic signal systems and highlight ways to improve operation;
  • improve awareness of the current state of traffic signal systems in Canada;
  • create awareness of the congestion-reducing benefits of good traffic signal management and operation; and
  • provide a benchmarking tool for jurisdictions to identify opportunities for improvement in traffic signal management and operation.

The Traffic Signal Operations Self Assessment was conducted in 2007 by the Institute of Transportation Engineers for the National Transportation Operations Coalition. Twenty eight agencies in Canada responded to this voluntary survey of traffic signal operations.

The self assessment consisted of 50 questions in the topic areas of management; signal operations at individual intersection and in coordinated systems; signal timing practices; traffic monitoring and data collection; and maintenance.

The Canadian Traffic Signal Report Card provides a composite score and letter grade for Canada derived from the 28 agencies’ responses to the 2007 Traffic Signal Operations Self Assessment. Questions focused on outcomes of traffic signal operations and their performance measures instead of outputs.

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Canadian Traffic Signals Report Card (2008)