Map of CanadaITE has Sections that provide localized services to members. With your ITE membership, you are automatically a member of a District (ITE Canada) and an associated Section, depending on where you live. The number of activities in each Section varies according to the Section leadership, and distribution of its members. Some Sections have a large geographic area yet a small number of members spread over that large area, whereas conversely, other Sections have a large membership confined within a relatively small geographic area.

For those Sections with a large membership, the option exists to form Chapters in order to better meet the specific needs of members within their area. However, the formation of these Chapters is only possible if enough members are prepared to take on the leadership role.

Another type of Chapter that also exists within the structure of ITE is specific to student members, and is usually tied to an educational institution such as a university. Again, there must be enough students prepared to take on the leadership roles required to operate a Student Chapter, and there must also be a member of faculty prepared to step into the role of Student Advisor.

Both forms of Chapters are responsible directly to the Section where they are geographically located.