2020-2024 Strategic Plan

In late 2019, the CITE (now ITE Canada) Board of Directors undertook a full strategic plan review. The result was an updated mission statement, a set of guiding principles, priority areas, goals and strategic objectives to guide the Board’s decision making through to 2024.

Who we are and what we stand for

Our Mission

To provide the Canadian Transportation Community opportunities to learn, connect, contribute and grow to best meet the needs for safe and healthy mobility in Canada.

Guiding Principles

  • Integrity: We are responsive and accountable to our members and partners
  • Excellence: We strive to develop quality people, services, and products, and we tackle current industry trends
  • Future-focused: We prepare our members by anticipating trends and needs
  • Inclusive: We provide opportunities for all to connect and participate in the transportation community
  • Community: We focus on both social and technical aspects to foster relationships among transportation professionals

Where we’re going

Priority Areas

Membership Growth

Attract members who represent the transportation community

Membership value and retention

Provide opportunities for all our members to learn, connect, contribute and grow

Value of our products and services

Provide products and services that strengthen and advance the transportation community

Organizational Strength

Sustain a thriving organization and a strong sense of community

For the complete plan including key strategies, download our Strategic Plan at a Glance below: