ITE Canada Awards

Outstanding Voluntary Contribution Award

ITE Canada grants this award to a member or members who made an outstanding voluntary contribution to ITE Canada or its projects over the course of several years. There is no monetary reward. Nominations may be made by following the link below stating the name of the individual, and a brief description of why the member should be considered for the award.

For further information or to submit a nomination, contact us.

Past Recipients:

2022 – Todd Litman
2021 – Kate Whitfield
2020 – Not awarded
2019 – Dave Richardson
2018 – Sean Nix
2017 – Garrett Donaher
2016 – Dale Bracewell
2015 – Don Cook
2014 – Jeannette Montufar
2013 – Simon Tam
2012 – Not Awarded
2011 – Jim Gough
2010 – Jan Voss