Robert Burton Distinguished Service Award

ITE Canada’s most prestigious award, the H. Robert Burton Distinguished Service Award, is named after a man who dedicated much of his life to the traffic engineering profession. Bob Burton spent his entire career practicing and promoting traffic engineering. A founder of the original Canadian Section in 1951, he was still attending CITE (now ITE Canada) Toronto Section meetings right up to his death at the age of 101 years.

Each year, ITE Canada recognizes an individual member who has shown these same qualities that Bob Burton practiced. Nominees will have demonstrated a notable career in the field and have a record of service with ITE Canada. The H. Robert Burton Distinguished Service Award is presented at the annual awards luncheon.

Nominations may be made by following the link below stating the name of the individual, and a brief description of why the member should be considered for the award.

Application deadline is March 1st.

For further information or to make a nomination, contact us.

Past Recipients:

2022 – Gene Chartier, Toronto Section
2021 – Bruce Belmore, Saskatchewan Section
2020 – Not awarded
2019 – Jeannette Montufar, Manitoba Section
2018 – Joanna Kervin, Toronto Section
2017 – Jim Gough, Toronto Section
2016 – Jan Voss, Greater Vancouver Section
2015 – Michael Skene, Vancouver Island Section
2014 – Dan Havercroft, Hamilton Section
2013 – Dr. John Morrall, Southern Alberta Section
2012 – Alf Guebert, Southern Alberta Section
2011 – Ralph Hessian, Atlantic Provinces Section
2010 – John McGill, Toronto Section
2009 – Don Henderson, Greater Vancouver Section
2008 – Alan Clayton, Manitoba Section
2007 – Doug Allingham, Toronto Section
2006 – Dave Richardson, Toronto Section
2005 – Ed Levy, Toronto Section
2004 – Harry Burns, Manitoba Section
2003 – Mavis Johnson, Greater Vancouver Section
2002 – Leo Laviolette, Hamilton Section
2001 – Albert J. Popoff, Saskatchewan Section
2000 – Paul Hill, Toronto Section
1999 – Andy Vandertol, Southern Alberta Section
1998 – Grant Bacchus, Toronto Section
1997 – Stan Teply, Northern Alberta Section
1996 – Art Lomax, Hamilton Section
1995 – J. Andrew Sharpe, Manitoba/Hamilton Sections
1994 – Sam Cass, Toronto Section
1993 – H. Allen Swanson, Southern Alberta Section
1992 – H. Robert Burton, Toronto Section