The Technical Liaison Committee (TLC) is a coordinating body tasked with ensuring that volunteers have the tools and support required.  It comprises up to four ITE Canada members and the President of the Executive Committee as liaison to the ITE Canada Executive. It generally does not directly involve itself with the working elements of active projects, however, the TLC does set project priorities, maintains communications, and ensures schedule compliance.

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Technical Liaison Committee Members

Our Mandate

The TLC mandate is to ensure that ITE Canada members have the opportunity to participate in technical projects:

  • Coordination of ITE Canada appointees on ITE Council executive committees;
  • ITE Coordinating Council participation;
  • Coordination of ITE Canada appointees on Transportation Association of Canada committees;
  • Dissemination of technical projects and initiatives through ITE and other organizations; and
  • Oversight of Canadian District technical initiatives.

TLC Terms of Reference - June 2018 129.76 KB 597 downloads

Revised terms of reference approved in June 2018. ...

ITE and TAC Liaisons

A key role of the TLC is liaising with ITE International and its Coordinating Council and the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC). The focus of these efforts is better coordination between the activities of these organizations.

TAC Council/Committee Appointees

ITE Council/Committee Appointees